Residential Spray Foam Rigs

Residential Spray Foam Rigs


Residential Spray Foam Rigs are built on a 16′ 10,000 lbs GVWR Trailer Platform, and Utilize the Graco E-20 Reactor that handles up to 210 Feet of hose and will spray up to 20 Lbs per min.

These Rigs are built for Stud Cavities, Rim Joist, Attics, Crawl Spaces, and Basements in Residential or Small Commercial Applications. They are not limited to the job size as a machine does not know what it is spraying but for large open areas a Commercial Spray Foam Rig is preferred. Commercial Rigs have the ability spray larger areas with higher volume with no loss of pressure. The Residential rigs require more on and off on the trigger which is how a stud cavity is insulated.

Spray Foam Rigs can be powered by Shore Powered, Gas Powered Generators or Diesel Powered Generators.

Shore Powered, means that the Spray Foam Rig is using the existing power that is provided by the Job site. This style while more affordable is not popular, because a professional electrician should be the one to wire the power, meaning there is larger safety risk to the average worker without the proper knowledge. This could result in many misfortunes. Going with the option to have a Generator will allow the rig to function no matter where the job site is located and at any stage in the building process.

Gas Powered Residential Spray Foam Rig are popular to save on the initial Start Up Cost. However Gas Powered generator seem to have frequent engine problem. For many years we have worked with different Gas Powered Generator Companies with the same result. These Generators have issues about 3 out of 10 in the first 6 months to a year. The Problem for Paratus is we want a great working generator 10/10 times. The lengthy time it takes to take in a Gas Generator and have it repaired just is not the answer.

Diesel Powered Residential Spray Foam Rigs are the most reliable. These set ups do cost a little more but we rarely ever have issues with Diesel Powered Generators. The numbers are more like 1 in 50 may have a problem in the first 3 years. So you have it the Diesel is what we prefer to us in all of our Spray Foam Rigs, Residential or Commercial.

Paratus Supply Quality Spray Foam Rigs


Benefits of a Residential Spray Foam Rigs:

  • Lower Start-Up Cost
  • Turn-Key/ On-board Power
  • Smaller Compact Trailer Platform
  • Can be built on a 12 Ft., 16 Ft., 20 Ft., or 30 Ft. Trailer Platform.
  • Great for Stud Cavity Insulation Applications

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