The XM portable spray foam machine provides a solution for spraying foam on job sites.  A full size spray foam rig or truck may not be able to reach certain jobs such as high rise buildings, roofs or even shop applications.  That is where these portable machines can come in handy!  Various other residential and commercial applications can use this portable unit as well.  The XM portable spray foam machines are small and portable but still packs the punch of a larger spray foam trailer or truck! This spray foam equipment set up is great to add to any spray foam rig fleet.

With the limited space in the gang box used for setup, the Graco spray foam machine options available are the E-20 and E-XP1.  If you are looking for a portable spray foam machine to take on a job or jobs that a normal rig cannot, the portable XM is for you.



Paratus Supply can customize and build the XC portable spray foam machine on a cart platform.  This means unlike its little brother, the XM portable spray foam machine, we can install a variety of different Graco Reactors and are not limited to the types of applications and higher outputs. The XC portable spray foam cart can be custom to having onboard compressors and drying systems or can also be just built with the Graco spray foam equipment of your choice. Choose from the Graco E-20, E-30, H-30, H-40, E-XP1, E-XP2, H-XP2, or H-XP3 Reactors and Reactor 2s. We can build this to specific dimensions if you need to fit into a certain door way or for different job sites. Your satisfaction is our goal.

At last, click above through the photos to check out some of the customized portable spray foam carts or boxes we have built.  Build something that matters!