Graco E-10

Grow your business with polyurea projects

If you’d like to add polyurea projects to your lineup, the Graco E-10 High Pressure Proportioner is a smart, affordable investment that can help your business grow.

The Graco E-10 provides the high pressure power and performance you need to spray polyurea coatings. It’s lightweight and portable – and runs on residential power so you don’t need to invest in a generator.

 The Reactor E-10 is a portable, electric-powered, 1:1 mix ratio proportioner, for use with a wide variety of coatings, foams, sealants, and adhesives. Materials must be self-leveling and pourable, and may be applied with impingement mix spray guns, disposable mixer guns, or flush-type mix manifolds. Graco E-10 is gravity-fed from 7 gal. (26.5 liter) supply tanks mounted on the unit. The tanks are translucent to allow monitoring of
fluid level. Severe duty, positive displacement reciprocating piston pumps meter fluid flow to the gun for mixing and applying. When set to recirculation mode, Reactor E-10 will circulate fluids back to the supply tanks.
Heated models include separate thermostatically controlled heaters for each fluid, and an insulated hose bundle with circulation return hoses. This allows the hoses and gun to be preheated to the desired temperature before spraying. Digital displays show the temperatures
of the two fluids.
An electronic processor controls the motor,monitors fluid pressures, and alerts the operator if errors occur.

Fast start-up times

With the system’s innovative boost heat and insulated tanks, material heats up fast so you’re up and running sooner. In fact, you’re ready to spray in 20 minutes*, compared to over an hour startup time on a standard Graco E-10. See chart below.

Contact Paratus Supply at 330.745.3600 or

*With a 240V model


Graco E-10HP
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure 3000 PSI
Maximum Spray Pressure:120V 2200 PSI
Maximum Spray Pressure: 230V 2500 PSI
Maximum Fluid Temperature 170°F
Maximum Ambient Temperature 120°F
Maximum Output 1 Gal/Min
Output Per Cycle (ISO and RES) 0.0038 Gallons/Cycle
Air Inlet 1/4 in. quick-disconnect industrial type pin fitting
Air Outlet 1/4 npsm(m)
Overpressure Relief Recirc/Spray valves automatically
relieve excessive fluid
pressure back to supply tanks
Gun Compressed Air Requirements Fusion Gun (purge air and operating air)
4 scfm (0.112mł/Min


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