Graco Insite The power to control your business. Wherever you are.

Graco InSite Remote Reporting Technology lets you track your Graco Reactors in real time from your smart phone, tablet or computer. Watch a single Reactor or an entire fleet on multiple jobsites. View from your office or off site.

Control the direction of your business with Graco InSite.

The kind of information Graco InSite logs for you is data that can save you money, help you bid jobs more accurately and troubleshoot problems more quickly, saving lost overhead and revenue. Most importantly, Graco InSite offers peace of mind that your jobs are running
smoothly, your workers are productive, and you can leave the jobsite to pursue other important business matters.



Better fleet and crew management
• Know when your Reactors are off, idling or spraying
• Avoid the errors made and time wasted by manual logging
• Follow your Reactors with GPS tracking
• Recognize unauthorized or after-hours use of Reactors or materials
• Receive a daily email summarizing the previous day’s performance totals


Better cost containment and forecasting
• Know when equipment is ready for maintenance by using lifetime cycle logs.
• Save lost revenue and downtime by having real-time, factual information at your fingertips.

Better customer service
• Help troubleshoot issues remotely and get machines up and running faster.
• Provide more accurate job estimates, basing it on actual data from prior jobs.

Better protection for your future
• Have documented data showing spray parameters for every job.
• Offer a final job report to customers as an additional service.
• Recognize when it’s time to hire additional crews and expand your flee.t
• Schedule appointments with potential customers knowing that you can still check on your jobsites
wherever you go.

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