Graco H-XP3 Polyurea Coatings Machine

The Graco H-XP3 Polyurea Coatings Machine is now featured as a Graco Reactor 2. Whether you’re spraying foam or applying polyurea coatings, Graco Reactor Plural-Component Systems help you get the job done with superior results. Available in air, electric or hydraulic technology – we have the right equipment to meet your needs.

Graco H-XP3 Polyurea Coatings Machine offers a three-year extended warranty on control modules, display module and electric motor. See product manual for specific warranty details.

Like you, we want customers to be completely satisfied with their spray foam and coatings application investment. Graco’s goal is to provide equipment advancements that help you and your crews apply materials more accurately and more efficiently – as the material suppliers intended, to help grow your business.

Advanced control technology
Advanced Display Module (ADM) is the standard interface for the Graco H-XP3 Polyurea Coatings Machine. With the ability to track, monitor and save project information,
the ADM also has the ability to download data onto a USB drive for further analysis.

Graco InSite™ Remote Reporting Technology
The power to control your business – wherever you are. The information Graco InSite gathers can save you money, help you bid jobs more accurately and troubleshoot problems more quickly, saving lost overhead and revenue. The data it collects is stored and available anywhere you can access the Internet. For full Graco InSite details and to navigate a demo, visit! Graco InSite is standard on Reactor 2 Elite models.

Reduce your downtime with QR codes
Error codes appear on your ADM with a helpful QR code. The QR codes explain the problem and provide solutions by simply scanning the code
with your smart phone or device. The scan takes you directly to that provides up-to-date advanced trouble shooting information.

Advanced electronics
Graco designed the electronics in the Reactor 2 systems to a stringent electronics reliability standard. These modules are more robust and able to withstand a wider range of power spikes or surges.

Sacrificial Surge Protector for added protection
As an added level of protection, Graco also added a sacrificial surge protector to Reactor 2 systems. If there is an excessive power spike, you only have to replace this smaller, less expensive part – not the entire control module. All Reactor 2 models include a spare sacrificial surge protector to get you back up and running immediately.

The advancements in spraying technology will increase your profits. Other Polyurea Coatings equipment manufacturers are light years behind the technology that Graco has introduced to both the Spray Foam and Polyurea Industries.

Call us today to learn more about the Graco H-XP3 Polyurea Coatings Machine and other Graco Reactor 2 Proportioning Machines. Graco E-XP2, Graco H-XP2 330.745.3600 or

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