After a series of tests and hearings, explorations, and even exhaustive fire testing, ICC-ES unanimously voted to implement AC456 and modify AC377, the code that establishes the requirements for spray-applied polyurethane foam plastic insulation. The new ICC-ES code, AC456, which will be effective in 2017, establishes a criteria for Coatings over SPF ensuring that the product tested is the same product that is used on the jobsite. As we move forward, all assembly testing that the SPF and the Coating, that has not been performed in accordance with AC85 Section 3.1 will be removed from ALL SPF evaluation reports and will leave you, the contractor, potentially liable for a “Bad Install that does not meet the codes“.

There is only one way to know the coating you are using and the assembly you are protecting meets AC456. Ask your coating supplier to provide you with an evaluation report on their coating, clearly stating that the coating meets the requirements of AC377 and AC456. Having an Evaluation Report stating AC456 compliance is NOT AN OPTION it is a requirement. Do not be confused by Evaluation Reports of coating companies that DO NOT clearly state AC456 criteria has been met.

Insist that the coating companies Evaluation Report clearly list ALL SPF BRANDS OR ASSEMBLIES, and that at the time of testing met the AC377, AC456 Compliance Criteria.

NOTE: Another option is to supply your code official with an SPF Manufacture Evaluation Report or IAS certified full scale test, clearly listing your coating of choice as a tested Alternative Thermal Barrier solution. Make sure the coating company supplies you with a signed letter from the accredited testing facility where the assembled COATING COMPANY SUPPLIES YOU WITH A SIGNED LETTER FROM THE ACCREDITED TESTING FACILITY WHERE THE ASSEMBLY WAS TESTED, STATING THAT AT THE TIME OF TESTING THE COATING MET AC456.

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