There are a few simple DOs and DONTs to follow when owning and using a spray foam gun that can make your life so much better or so much worse just by knowing and following them.

To start, let’s first talk about the things you should be doing on a regular basis with your spray foam gun to ensure it performs the best it can and you avoid things like cross-overs, leaks, and other performance short-comings.



  • Clean out the mixing chamber of your gun with the supplied pin vise and drill bit on a regular basis, every 10-15 minutes is ideal
  • Grease your gun at the end of each day when you are done spraying through the grease cap located on the top of the gun
  • Keep your spray foam gun cosmetically clean, clean the exterior metal surfaces on a regular basis to avoid issues down the road
  • Have on hand a few cans of carburetor cleaner with you to help knock wet chemical off of your spray foam gun’s internal parts such as screens and side seals for example.
Next, lets focus on the longer list of things to avoid while owning and operating a spray foam gun that can help keep your spray foam gun performing at the high level it day that very first day.


  • NEVER soak any plastic or rubber parts of your gun in any sort of solvent or cleaner.  Never soak your o-rings under any circumstance as it can cause stretching and eat away at the o-ring increasing your chance for cross-over related troubles.
  • Always twist with the drill bit, twist in and out as well.  Avoid just shoving the drill bit into the mix chamber because it is a very fragile bit and if it breaks inside the mix chamber there is no getting it out.
  • If you see a pattern issue with you gun, after keeping up with regularly cleaning out the tip, stop right away and check for problems.  Don’t keep spraying because the longer you spray after seeing problems the worse they can get.
  • Never sand, heated or scrape the side seals, mixing chambers or other parts in your gun.  Even the smallest scratch or imperfection can cause a improper seal and create cross-overs.
Just staying true to the DOs and DONTs above can make your life as an applicator so much more pleasant.  Put together the info on this page along with a regular, throughout schedule of cleaning your gun and just watch your yields stay constant, your profits rise, and your efficiency grow.  If you have any specific questions about owning and caring for your spray foam gun give us a call at 330.745.3600 and we’d glad to help you as best we can.
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