SPF Insulation is the leading choice for modern house building and renovations. Since buildings lose much of their energy because of air infiltration,this can further lead to wasting resources and large sums of money. Toronto Spray Foam Company, foam insulation contractors based in Ontario, is helping Toronto locals understand the benefits of spray foam thanks to their leadership in the industry.

For 15 years, Toronto SPF Insulation has been assisting people in Toronto by providing them with effective insulation solutions. The foam insulation contractors not only take out old insulation that is no longer effective, but also replace it with new and improved insulation. Improved insulation can lower heating and cooling costs by retaining the desired temperature longer.

On top of lowering heating and cooling costs, spray foam insulation also can be beneficial in other ways. For example, spray foam insulation seals gaps, keeping pests outside where they belong. It also can reduce noise, restrict humidity (which helps defend against fungi and mold) and protect against smoke or fire coming from the outside.

Toronto SPF Insulation uses two methods for installation: closed cell foam and open cell foam. Closed cell foam is ideal for roofs and the outdoors, as it is denser and seals better. For the indoors, open cell foam is preferred because it uses fewer chemicals and costs less. Although it does not provide ideal water insulation, it does offer air and sound insulation, making it unsuitable for the outdoors but perfect for the indoors.

Additionally, Toronto Spray Foam claims to help the environment by using spray foam insulation versus traditional insulation methods.Since spray foam insulation saves energy and lowers the emission of greenhouse gases,they are helping buildings become more energy efficient, ultimately helpingthe owner of the building and the environment.

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