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Shore Powered Spray Foam Rigs

Shore Powered Spray Foam Rigs

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Paratus Supply Shore Powered Spray Foam Rigs are great for a contractor that has the ability to tap into onsite power safely and with confidence. We recommend that the applicator that is running a shore powered Spray Foam Rig be experienced in dealing with single phase or three phase 230 Volt power at 80 to 100 plus Amps. Preferably an electrician would be the one to test the power source and make the connection. These rigs are not for everyone.

Shore powered spray foam rigs allow for the rig to be designed on a smaller platform and will initially save money on a spray foam equipment investment. Since no generator is being utilized on a shore powered Spray Foam Rig there is additional savings because no fuel is utilized.

All components of the Spray Foam Trailer are run to a main breaker panel with 125 feet or more shore power cable with an open ended pig tail which will be wired into the onsite power.

Because we are using the sites power to run the Spray Foam Equipment there is no limit to which Graco Spray foam machine can be used in the design of the Custom Built Spray Foam Rig.



Benefits of a Shore Powered Spray Foam Rig:

  • Lowest Start-Up Cost
  • No Fuel Cost
  • Can be built on a 12ft., 16ft., 20ft., or 30ft. Trailer Platform
  • Can be more compact if desired
  • Can be built around any of the Graco Reactors or Reactor 2’s
  • Up to 410 Feet of Heated Spray Foam Hose

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