Spray Foam Canada: Insulating the Big Box Store’s Big Box

Just north of Toronto, in the province of Ontario, is the city of Vaughn. According to the 2011 Canadian census, Vaughn was Canada’s fastest growing city for the years 1996 to 2006, experiencing an 80 percent growth rate. A population of that size needs infrastructure to support it – and not just schools, hospitals, and housing developments. They also need the amenities – shops, restaurants, auto dealers, and the conveniences that separate urban from rural life. One of the results of Vaughn’s population boom was the construction of a 460,000 square feet. Costco distribution center, to handle the demands not only of Vaughn’s burgeoning populace, but also of the surrounding areas.

Blair Cunnings, President of Barrier Specialty Roofing & Coatings, was the contractor who won the bid to insulate the metal walls and ceilings in the newly constructed building. No stranger to Costco construction, Cunnings and his Fresno, California-based crew have insulated Costco buildings all around the globe. Canada, however, was a bit of a challenge – from the codes, to the sheer size, to the timing; everything about this project was unique from the start.

You can hear his smile as Cunnings says, “187,000 square feet of foam in 38 days, and that wasn’t even the challenging part.”

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