It’s getting colder, and you’re probably thinking about the effect of cold, wintry weather on your snug, warm home. How can you keep those heat bills down? And is there a solution actually works?

You might be surprised to find out that preventing heat and energy loss in your home is one of the main benefits of adding spray polyurethane foam (SPF) to your home or commercial building. Not only does it lower your energy costs, it’s also an amazing product that’s used in a wide variety of industries. It’s used for insulation in HVAC systems, commercial roofing, in geothermal heating systems, for industrial pipeline insulation, and it’s even used in wine cellars and walk-in coolers in bars and restaurants.

Check out this recent article by Jeff Miller, who talked to one of the industry’s leading experts in spray-foam insulation, Ted Medford from Profoam, and learn about all the surprising ways spray foam insulation is used today.

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