Spray Foam and Intumescent Coatings

If there is an exact factor that distinguishes Canada’s SPF industry, that factor is safety codes. The National Building Code of Canada (NBC), published by NRC and developed by the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes, delineates specific stringent codes to ensure that safety is guaranteed on every SPF job nationwide. However, companies like Flame Seal Products specializing in intumescent coatings for SPF fire protection, have noticed that there is a great deal of confusion in the industry regarding a specific safety code. The safety code in question is CAN/ULC-S124-06, which, according to Flame Seal certifies a thermal barrier product to be installed over SPF and was established by the Canadian government to protect life and property. Flame Seal claims that the code isn’t optional and never has been – so Spray Foam Magazine sat down with Flame Seal’s Dylan Nowak in hopes of obtaining their opinion on this issue.

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