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Lapolla improves spray foam yield, performance

A spray polyurethane foam insulation said to be the first to eliminate ozone depletion and reduce the impact of global warming has been enhanced by Houston-based Lapolla Industries Inc. as company officials work to gain its acceptance around the world. Lapolla uses Solstice, a liquid blowing agent developed by Honeywell International Inc., to make the closed-cell insulation product called Foam-Lok,

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Spray Foam Market – Evolutionary Trend to Step Ahead in Packaging Industry – Forecast 2024

The introduction of spray foam has made a revolutionary change in the working of construction and packaging industry. Characteristics such as taking a form of insulation, air sticking on around corners, roofs, walls and on contoured surface has allowed spray foam to be used in variety of application including wall insulation, roofing, seal cracks and gaps containers. The growing use

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