Diesel Powered Spray Foam Rigs

Diesel Powered Spray Foam Rigs


Paratus Supply’s Diesel Powered Spray Foam Rig are the most customizable spray foam trailers available to the spray foam market. With many combinations of generators ranging from 20KW to 80 KW, Diesel Powered Spray Foam Rigs can be built with any combinations of Graco Spray Foam Equipment and Compressor Combos.

Diesel Engine are the most reliable and will live 10 times longer than a Gas Generator. Because these generators are much larger in most cases they require higher rated trailer axels as well as a larger foot print. This increases the cost quite a bit from the Shore Powered and Gas Powered Spray Foam Rigs. However, the quality will pay for itself in the end. Diesel Powered Spray Foam Rigs start in the $70,000 range and can go into the $100,000 (+) range depending on the spray foam equipment selected.  Our most commonly sold Diesel Powered Rigs are built with the Graco E30 Reactor 2 or the Graco H-30 Reactor 2. These Diesel Powered Spray Foam Rigs are powered with a 40 KW Diesel Generator. Most Spray Foam Roofers will select the Graco H-40 Reactor for it High Volume and Max Hose Length of 410 Feet.

Diesel Powered Spray Foam Rigs are most Commonly built in a 20 Foot Bumper Pull Trailers, 30 Foot Gooseneck Trailers or 20 Foot or Larger Box Trucks. We do offer a 16 Foot Bumper Pull Trailer with a 20 kw Diesel and Graco E-20.

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  • Select a 16′, 20′, 30′ Trailer or Box Truck
  • Dual Torsion 7,000 Lbs. Axles (14,000 GVWR)
  • 2 Lbs. Closed Cell Insulated Walls Ceiling and Floor
  • Diamond Plate Walls, Rubber Floor
  • Choice of Graco Reactor, Heated Hose Transfer Pumps and Fusion AP Gun (or Choice of Gun)
  • 230 Volt Heater, 110 Volt Heated
  • 110 Volt Shore Power
  • Workbench, Tool, Box and Cabinets (loaded with spare parts, supplies, and tools
  • Custom Barrel Bracing (for 6 Barrels
  • 5 HP Electric Compressor (other Options Available)
  • Hankinson HIT Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • Powered by a Winco 45 KW Diesel Generator (Other Option are available)

Benefits of Diesel Powered Spray Foam Rigs:

  • Turn-Key On-board Power
  • Diesel is more Fuel Efficient then Gas
  • Diesel Engines have less over all problems then gas.
  • Diesel Engine will outlive a Gas Engine by 5 times.
  • More power available mean more options
  • Any Graco Reactor can be installed.
  • Dual Reactors can be an option
  • Ready to do any job from Small Residential to Large Commercial Applications.
  • Most Reliable of the three Rigs.
  • Up to 410 Ft. of Heated Spray Foam Hose

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