Your equipment has likely been put through a lot of work. Paratus offers an assortment of chemicals to help clean, repair, and keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Also, for some the changing weather can mean a slow down in their spraying, but cleaning and properly storing equipment is made easy through the choices found at Paratus. There are three main categories of chemicals that Paratus provides: solvents, cleaners, and lubricants.


Solvents are the most potent group of chemicals supplied from by Paratus. NMP is recommended for the tougher cleaning jobs. NMP is best suited for soaking equipment components that have cured foam or crystallized/hardened ISO on them. NMP will quickly remove the most resilient dirt and material from all metal surfaces. When applied to liquid ISO, NMP will cause a gelling of the product, making it much less effective. It is important to wear protective gloves and eyewear when working with NMP. Visit our online store to get pricing and order NMP.


Glycol Ether is perfect for the day-to-day cleaning of your gun. Glycol Ether is a low cost and simple to use chemical that works well with uncured/fresh ISO and resin. It has great wetting and coupling properties that help to break down the foam chemical bond and keep the material from adhering to your gun’s components. Glycol Ether does not suffer from the gelling characteristics of NMP when exposed to raw ISO. Alternately, Glycol Ether does not break down the hardened ISO and cured foam as well as NMP.


DOP and TSL fluid keep your equipment lubricated and operating smoothly. These two chemicals are very similar, with the biggest difference being that DOP is recommended for large volume applications and TSL is better suited for use inside your proportioner. DOP has many uses, such as flushing your heated hose lines to prevent ISO crystallization, filling your dip tubes when storing your transfer pumps, and filling your hose and equipment when storing for long periods of time. TSL is used in Graco’s proportioners to help lubricate and protect the proportioning pumps.

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