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XM Spray Rigs

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XM Spray Rigs

The XM Spray Rigs by Paratus Supply provides a solution for spraying foam on job sites that cannot be reached by a full size Spray Foam Rig or Truck. Some of these jobs would include high rise buildings, roofs, or even shop applications. In addition this unit can also be used in all other normal residential and commercial applications as well. It is small, portable, and still packs a punch!

Furthermore this spray foam set up is designed to add to your fleet of spray foam rig and is really not for someone that is looking to start a business.

Finally the Graco spray foam equipment included in this package is limited because of the size of the box. The E-20 and E-XP1 fit the best in this set up. Also if you are looking for a portable spray foam Rig that is designed for more power check out our XC spray foam cart. It can be designed with any of the spray foam machines that Graco makes.